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Monthly Presentations

Form Tool - A Computer Graphics Program That All Genealogist Should Have
Glenn R. Clure, Sr.
April 18 2018

Wills and Probate Records
June Stone
March 21 2018

Col. John Singleton Mosby: The Gray Ghost of the Civil War
Jan Beattie
February 21 2018

"Part 2 Silent Storytellers" DVD of AR Graveyards
Luann Waters
January 18 2018

Protecting Your Records, Photographs and Heirlooms from a Disaster
Jan Beattie
November 15, 2017

The Importance of Preserving the Markers of Our Past
David Pettyjohn, Executive Director, Preservation Oklahoma
October 18 2017

FindAGrave, Billion Graves and Other Online Cemetery Websites
Michael McCoy
September 30 2017

Gone to the Grave - Ozark Burial Traditions and Customs
Abby Burnett
August 16 2017

Examining the Connection Between Genealogy and Funeral Service
Dr. John Fritch
July 19 2017

Interviewing Your Elders In Depth
Cheryl Jones
June 21 2017

And She Was One: The Story of Jane Wallis Burrell and American OSS Intelligence
Andrea Aven
May 17 2017

The Holisso Research Center and Genealogy
Wilson Seawright, Chickasaw Nation
April 19 2017

Francis Marion, Swamp Fox
Dr. Craig McKinley, OSU
March 15 2017

Peparing for Spring Genealogy Workshop
Jan Beattie
February 15 2017

Behind the Scenes: History Center Collections
OHC Staff
January 18 2017

Germans from Russia: My Russian Mennonite Heritage
Sharon Cargill
November 16 2016

"Orphan Trains"-learn of the nearly 250,000 American children relocated by the Orphan Train Movement (1854-1929)
Luann Waters
October 19 2016

Our Journey to the Black Towns of Oklahoma
Andre Head
September 21 2016

The Century Chest - and the Gene Research for Descendants
Chad Williams, Dir. of Res. Dive. (OHC) and Pastor Jerry Peterson, First Lutheran Church, OKC
August 17 2016

Choctaw & Cherokee Genealogy Information from the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions Records (1817-1840)
Bill Welge, OK History Center
July 20 2016

"Rosie the Riveter"
Barbara Byrd - Historical Re-enactor (OHC)
June 15 2016

Taking Gravestone Photos
Walt Stoyanoski
May 18 2016

The Group reviewed several new genealogy publications and discussed brick wall successes.
April 20 2016

How to Give an Effective Presentation
Michael McCoy
March 16 2016

Genealogy Programs of Daughters of the American Revolution
Carol Comp
February 18 2016
Planning Meeting for 2016
January 20 2016

The History of Santa Claus Around the World
Jan Beattie
November 18 2015

Ins and Outs of Obituary Research
Freda Cunningham
October 15 2015
Free websites for obituaries
Death records web sites
How to Document War of 1812 Service
June Cornwell Stone
September 16 2015

Finding Your Revolutionary War Ancestor
Bill Davis
August 19 2015
Valley Forge Muster Roll
Osprey Publishing

Scottish Clans
Linda Hendricks
July 15 2015

Using Legacy Family Tree Software
LaNell Shores
June 17 2015
Legacy Family Tree

The GEDCOM Explained
Walt Stoyanoski
May 20 2015
Introduction to GEDCOM
Example of GEDCOM file

Determing Familial Relationships
Glenn Clure
April 15 2015

The War for Texas Independence
Bill Davis
March 18 2015
Texas State Library
Dewitt Colony Texas

Genealogy for the Novice
Luann Waters
February 18 2015
J C Campbell Folk School

A Tale of Three Sisters - The Salem Witch Trials
Jan Beattie
November 19 2014

Nobility and Royalty
Bill Davis
October 15 2014

New Ways to Find Birth Records
Freda Cunningham
September 17 2014
Free search for birth & baptism records
State Offices and Archives

The Next Generation in Genealogy Sitebuilding Software
Walt Stoyanoski
August 20 2014
TNG Sitebuilding

Gravestone Studies
Luann Waters
July 16 2014
Gravestone Studies

How to Find a Cemetery Using Google
Robert Smith
June 18 2014

Life Stories
Paul Cunningham
May 21 2014

Newspaper Research
Carol Inman
April 16 2014

'Brick Wall' Help
OHC Library
March 19 2014

Beginning Genealogy
Jan Beattie
February 19 2014

How to Interpret Old Handwriting
Jan Beattie
November 20 2013

Church Records for Genealogy Research
Freda Cunningham
October 16 2013

Graybill Place - Fundraiser for Family Cemetery
Auda Trotter
September 18 2013

One-Step Stephen Morse Method - Search for William Clure
Glen Clure
August 21 2013

How to Make a Pictorial CD
Auda Trotter
July 17 2013

Using the Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner
Jan Beattie
June 19 2013

How to Use City Directories
Sandi Maness
May 15 2013

Genealogy Research Aids in the Oklahoma History Center Research Library
Laura Martin
April 17 2013

Genealogy Computer Software Sampling Affair
by Volunteers
March 20 2013

Steve Morse's "One-Step Genealogy Method"
Freda Cunningham
February 20 2013
Steve Morse Method of Search

Cemetery Preservation
Freda Cunningham
November 28 2012

Writing Your Life Story
Freda Cunningham
October 17 2012

Crawford Family Funeral & Cremation Services
Marcus Crawford & Skye Noe
September 19 2012

Carved in Stone
Luann Waters
August 15 2012

Elusive Eliza, or How to Find Our Female Ancestors, Part 2
Jan Beattie
July 18 2012

Elusive Eliza, or How to Find Our Female Ancestors, Part 1
Jan Beattie
June 20 2012

Build a Genealogy Website
Walt Stoyanoski
May 16 2012

Fun & Value of Documenting with Scrapbooking & Photography
Michele Manning
April 18 2012

Using Gensmarts: Back to Basics of Good Genealogy Research
Freda Cunningham
March 21 2012

Writing Your Life's History
Judith Irwin
February 15 2012

How to Use Land Records in Genealogy Research
Carolyn Caudill, Oklahoma County Clerk
November 16 2011

Researching at the National Archives in Fort Worth, Texas
Debra Spindle, Oklahoma History Center Research Librarian
October 19 2011

Preparing for Research at the New National Archive Facility at Fort Worth
Bill Welge, Oklahoma History Center Research Library
September 21 2011

Census Research at the LDS Family History Center
Donna Waddle, Librarian
August 17 2011

Doing Genealogy Research at the Ronald J. Norick Downtown Oklahoma City Library
Phyllis Davidson
July 20 2011

Preserving Family Memories
Carol Inman
June 15 2011

Using DNA in Genealogical Research
Bill Davis
May 18 2011

Using Census and New Resources for Genealogy Research
Freda Cunningham
April 20 2011

A tour of the Oklahoma History Center
Laura Martin, Director of the Oklahoma History Center Research Library
March 16 2011

Importance of Black History Month and OHCE's Black History
Loveta Hammond, a retired Extension Center employee
February 16 2011

Family News Letters
Walt Stoyanoski
November 17 2010

Tombstone Identification & Cemetery Symbolism
Jan Beattie
October 20 2010

Choctaw and Chickasaw Records
Sharron Ashton
September 15 2010
Hosting a Family Reunion
Sherron and Greg Rodgers
August 18 2010

Bounty Lands and the U.S. Soldier
Billie Fogarty
July 21 2010

Davis Family Revolutionary War Ancestor
Bill Davis
June 16 2010
Cemetery Hopping
Jan Beattie
May 19 2010

Grave Dowsing
Jan Beattie
Apr 21 2010

Making a Power Point Presentation
Bill Cress
Mar 17 2010
Choctaw Storytelling
Greg Rodgers
Feb 17 2010
Taking a Genealogy Vacation
Walt Stoyanoski
Nov 18 2009

Who's Your Daddy? - a book written by Carolyn Leonard
Carolyn Leonard
Oct 21 2009
The Civil War: The Blue and the Grey
June Cornwell Stone
Sept 16 2009
Finding and Using Historic Newspapers
Billie S. Fogarty
Aug 19 2009

Research Capabilities of
La Nell Shores
July 15 2009
Indian Tribal Records
Judith Mitchener
June 17 2009
How to Use Federal Land Records
June C. Stone
May 20 2009

That Genealogy Brick Wall
Pat McFall
Apr 15 2009
How to Research in Arkansas
La Nell Shores
Mar 18 2009
Women's Issues in Colonial America
Billie S. Fogarty
Feb 18 2009
At www.google.com type in "1914 US Maps Index"

Planning Meeting
Jan 21 2009
County Clerk's Office Tour
Carolynn Caudill
Nov 19 2008
Researching World War I Ancestors
June Cornwell Stone
Oct 15 2008

Oklahoma County Clerk's Book Preservation Project
Carolynn Caudill and Tommie Parker
Sept 17 2008
Activities in the OHC Library
Laura Martin
Aug 20 2008
Digitizing of Records
Larry O'dell
Family Search -- GSU Project
Bill Welge
Multimedia program "Passage Express"
Michael Shores
July 16 2008