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About Us

The Oklahoma County OHCE Genealogy Group meets monthly at the Oklahoma History Center to discuss mutual interests. The programs are on subjects of interest to aid members in learning to enjoy being more effective in their genealogy research. It was organized January 19 1994 as a part of OHCE.

Several of our members make up the Oklahoma Cemetery Directory Committee. They have had OHCE members from each county in Oklahoma to join efforts to produce the Oklahoma Cemetery Directory.

The Cemetery Hopping Committee has cemetery hops to transcribe cemeteries.

Contact OHCE Genealogy Group at ohcegg@gmail.com

President of Oklahoma County
OHCE Genealogy Group:
Jan Beattie

Luann Waters

Rep. for the Oklahoma Cemetery Directory:
Robert Smith

Comments about this web site:
Robert Smith

The state OHCE (Oklahoma Home and Community Education) is comprised of several thousand members from all over Oklahoma. Its purpose is to strengthen the home and the community. This is stated in the OHCE Creed: "We believe the family should come first in the life of the individual, the community, and the nation. We will build our homes on love and mutual respect."

Membership in OHCE begins in a local OHCE group. Our local group name is OHCE Genealogy Group in Oklahoma County and is a unique, special group with educational lessons pertaining to genealogy. Conventional groups have educational lessons that are taught to leaders from their group who volunteer to attend the training at the Cooperative Extension Center on a monthly basis and then return to their group to present the lessons which are on a variety of sujects to their group members. The lesson content is research-based information from the land grant university which is Oklahoma State University in Oklahoma. This is the way we say, "We bring the Univesity to you." Our OHCE Genealogy Group promotes these educational lessons as "Whipped Cream" and encourages our members to attend the lessons that are of interest to them. Some of our community service projects are a natural outgrowth from the things learned from the lessons.

Our organization has roots in Farm Women's Clubs. In July 1935 groups from various counties joined together to form a State organization known as Oklahoma Home Demonstration Council. However, in 1966 the name of the organization was changed when the black women's Town and County Groups joined with Home Demonstration Clubs and became known as Extension Homemakers Groups. In 2000, the name of the organization became Oklahoma Home and Community Education (OHCE). Members in Oklahoma County currently belong to any of 10 Groups, which are 3 E's, Bits and Bytes, Cardinal, Del City, Genealogy, Las Amigas/Will Rogers, Learn and Serve, Modern Homemakers, Northwest Seekers/Council Grove, and Soldier Creek. Clubs are a thing of the past. The word "club" suggested to some "exclusivity" while our Non-Discrimination Clause points out our groups are open to all. OHCE Groups pay dues to belong in 76 County OHCE organizations and automatically $7.50 of a member's dues goes to the State OHCE when they join a group.

Non-Discrimination Clause: OHCE does not discriminate by gender, race, color, age, disability, religion, national origin, economic circumstance or status as a veteran.