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        Master List Book
$ 25 paperback with b/w pages
$ 35 hardback with b/w pages
$ 100 paperback with color pages
$ 110 hardback with color pages

Oklahoma Cemetery Directory Books

The Oklahoma Cemetery Directory has more than 4,500 cemeteries listed. And we continue to add to the list.

County Books
We have a book for each of the 77 Oklahoma counties. Each of the county books has cemetery pictures, driving directions, cemetery histories, when known, legal descriptions, and a 7" x 10" county map.

Region Books
We have 8 region books. Each one has what is in several of the county books. All 77 Oklahoma counties are in the 8 region books. The eight Regions are Central, North, Northeast, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, and Northwest.

Master List Book
To help you find a cemetery, we have a book that lists all known Oklahoma cemeteries in alphabetical order and by county . Each list has the cemetery name, the township-range-section location, and the county that it is in.
The book has mostly black and white pages with a few color pages and no pictures; you may want to buy one with black and white pages.

Order Information

1538a             Region Books
$ 35 paperback with b/w pages
$ 45 hardback with b/w pages
$ 160 paperback with color pgs
$ 170 hardback with color pgs

            County Books
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